Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wonderings from a yarn addict

My yarn group retreated this last weekend and had a fabulous time! We left after work on Friday and spent the entire weekend crocheting, cooking simple meals with a few dips in the hot tub included in the stay. The beds were wonderfully comfortable, the lighting for crocheting superb and the time absolutely relaxing. This business isn't too far away for us to travel to, but yet it doesn't take a whole bunch of time to get there - perfect in my estimation!

I didn't think to take any photos while I was at the retreat, but to see all that's offered visit and then click on the links for the various rooms/amenities. We spent most of our time in the Entertainment Room, which is upstairs on the same level as the bedrooms. It has great lighting and comfortable seating.

The best part was the owner of the business even found a yarn ball winder she brought out for our use during the retreat. Talk about handy! With just a little bit of cranking, it converted an unruly hank into this:

And the funny part is the owner only paid $2 for the yarn ball winder, which will also take three threads and twist them together into one, at a yard sale!!

My plan this weekend was to stitch up some new wrist warmers with the superwashed merino I purchased a few weeks ago. Cute pattern, crocheted cables. But try as I might I couldn't get the stitch count to come out right. Ditched the pattern and went back to the C2C for Blankets for Barracks Troops.

All of us were, at one time, working on our Blankets for Barracks Soldiers projects. And this is the funny part... all of us purchased items from the store connected to the retreat. Two of us couldn't resist the yarn bins! The business owner has yarn for 25 cents per skein/ball. There are even unfinished projects. I bought three unfinished projects, including a tablecloth with balls of Knit Cro-Sheen.

So, my wonderings include: are we just addicted to buying yarn and yarn projects, or is it a case of seeing pretty colors and new yarn and deeming it something that is necessary? And how is it that just days after wondering about a yarn ball winder I found myself using one numerous times, confirming that I definitely need one. Lastly, how do I live without a hot tub?

Happy on the Hook!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blankets for Barracks Soldiers update

I am progressing nicely on my corner to corner for the Blankets for Barracks Soldiers project. I find the project quite rewarding, and the pattern is very relaxing. I haven't been able to spend much time on it lately but I do pick it up when I can. It's definitely a stash buster!

Here's an afghan from a member of our yarn group:

She started with three granny squares in the middle, then continued with three DC, ch 1 all the way around. The final round(s) will be smaller granny squares around the outside.

The project has grown by leaps and bounds on Facebook. The total number of blankets needed is at 150. The group on Facebook has all the information. It warms my heart every time I sit to work on this blanket, knowing that someone who is serving my country will find comfort with this blanket. This person is serving for me so I don't have to, protecting me, and possibly giving his/her life for me and my country. This is the least I can do for these brave people!

For more information about how to coordinate shipping for the project or to donate supplies, blocks or finished afghans in the Pacific Northwest, contact me at threadnfur [at] gmail [dot] com.

Until next time...

Happy on the Hook!