Mandala Roundup

I love mandalas. In my opinion, they are so very similar to doilies but yet distinctly different. Ever since I can remember, I've loved the doilies and lacy things my grandmothers used and I'd watch as they crocheted them.

So when I started seeing mandalas, of course I was hooked. They bring a big amount of color into the home, use up those bits of yarn and have so many uses! You can use them to protect that antique table, hang them on the wall to fill an empty spot, hang a bunch on the wall for a wonderful crocheted statement or as I read in another blog use them as a frisbee!

So, I began searching the Internet for mandala patterns. And I've collected quite a few. I decided for my own sanity to round 'em all up and link them on one page for ease of finding them again.

This is my Mandala Roundup, starting with the two pictured here - Little Spring Mandala by Made in K-town (at left) and "Ornamental" Pot Holders at Crochet with Raymond. The one pictured above is a bit different than Alice's pattern at Crochet with Raymond. I blogged about the modifications on July 2.

Links to more mandalas:
12-round Mandala by Wink 
Attic24 Mandala Wheel 
Autumn Spice Mandala Doily by BellaCrochet 
Be My Valentine Dishcloth by Lily/Sugar 'n Cream 
Bobbly Flower Mandala by Mad Blanketer 
Bougainvillea Doily by Zooty Owl 
Bursting Blooms Flower Mandala by The Sparkly Toad 
Butterfly Peacock Mandala by Wink 
Carry-on: A Mandala of Hope by Stitchhikers 
Circles and Chains Mandala at Da's Crochet Connection 
Circles of the Sun by LillaBjorn's Crochet World 
Cluster Flower Potholder by Maggie Weldon 
Colorful Flower Mandala at Da's Crochet Connection 
Crochet a Dartboard Mandala by Wallflower Gal 
Crochet Free Mandala Pattern (Honoring Wink's Work by Little Treasures 
Crochet Mandala by Go Crochet Crazy 
Crochet Mandala by Karen Janine Designs for Mitten & Makings 
Crochet Mandala Hoops/Wall Hangings by Mama in a Stitch 
Crochet Mandala Pattern by Rescued Paw Designs 
Crochet Mandala - Vibrant by Crochetkari 
Dahlia Mandala by Zooty Owl 
Daisy Centre Mandala by Zooty Owl 
Dream Circle 12" Crochet Square and Mandala by Pink Mambo 
Easy Crochet Mandala by ArtEC 
Fair Isle Mandala by The 8th Gem Part 1 
Fair Isle Mandala by The 8th Gem Part 2 
Fireworks Doily/Mandala by Zooty Owl 
Flower Potholders by Jennifer Martin 
Front Post Frenzie Crochet Potholder by Dedri Uys 
Good Morning Starshine Mandala by Beth Johnson (MumblesMummy) 
Grace Mandala by Nel, Nan and Nora 
Graceful Mandala by Stitch This, Freud! 
Granny Mandala Tutorial by Crochet with Raymond 
Granny Mini Mandala by Zooty Owl 
Hakuna Matata Mini Mandala by Zooty Owl 
Happy Days Mandala by Zooty Owl 
Hexifan Mandala by Beth Johnson (MumblesMummy) 
Jameson by Berroco Design Team 
Large Daisy Centre Mandala by Zooty Owl 
Lucienne's Summer Mandala - Part I by Marjan Hoebeke-Pfaff 
Lucienne's Summer Mandala - Part II by Marjan Hoebeke-Pfaff 
Lucienne's Summer Mandala - Part III by Marjan Hoebeke-Pfaff 
Lucienne's Summer Mandala - Part IV by Marjan Hoebeke-Pfaff 
Magic Spike Mandala at Moogly 
Mandala 21 by He is Hooked! 
Mandala by Nela 
Mandala/Doily by Made With Loops 
Mandala by Penny of Simply Penny 
Mandala by Pukado 
Mandala Flower Coaster by Nata's Nest 
Mandala Free Pattern by Spincushions 
Mandala for Yarndale 2014 by Sabina Poonwassies 
Mandala Madness CAL 2016 by Crystals and Crochet 
Mandala Market Bag by Charlotte W. 
Mandala Pot Holder by Willow Yarns 
Mandala Rug by Jessie at Home 
Mandala Style Trivet Cover by Stitches and Supper 
Mandala Summer '15 by Corine24 
Mandala Tutorial by Lizzie Bella 
Mandala tutorial by Wink 
Mandy's Mandala by Red Agape Style and Design 
Mandy's Mega Mandala Cushion Pattern by Red Agape Style and Design 
Maybelle Flower Mandela at Sunshine and a Sewing Basket 
Mesmerising Mandala and Coasters by Lu Douglas 
Mexican Sunset Mandala Tutorial by Sarah Star 
Mini Mandala Tutorial by 4 Lil Beans 
Mini Rings of Change by Frank O'Randle 
Mother's Day Trivet by SarahSweethearts 
North Sea Mandala by LillaBjorn's Crochet World 
Petals and Puffs Mandala by Bunny Mummy 
Pink Doily T-Shirt Rug by Crochet in Paternoster 
Radiant Rose Mandala Doily by BellaCrochet 
Rainbow Mandala by Nata's Nest 
Rainbow Vermicelli Coasters by Zooty Owl 
Rainbow Vermicelli Mandala by Zooty Owl 
Rhiannon by Emilyandthe 
Ripple Potholder at Delights-Gems 
Rosetta Mandala at Busy Fingers, busy life 
Rounded Octagon Potholder by Sally Ives 
Shocking Mandala Rug at Moogly 
Sophie's Garden by Dedri Uys 
Sophie's Mandala (Small) by Dedri Uys 
Sophie's Mandala (Medium) by Dedri Uys 
Sophie's Mandala (Large) by Dedri Uys 
Spoke Mandala by Wink 
Starflower Mandala by Zooty Owl 
Stars and Stripes 15 inch Doily by Shirley Strand 
Sun Blossom Mandala Doily by Diane Lavos 
Sun Mandala by Pops de Milk's Cuteness Emporium 
Sun Wheel Mandala by Maz Kwok 
Sunburst Mandala by Oona Linnett 
Sunny Flower Coasters by Zooty Owl 
Sunny Flower Mini Mandala by Zooty Owl 
Sunset Mandala by Gramma Rita 
Symphony by Green Bird 
T-shirt Yarn Mandala Floor Rug by Wink  
Tutorial Vintage Flower Potholder at Color 'n Cream