Patterns I Adore

I must admit, I am not a pattern designer. I have modified a pattern here and there. I have even attempted to create a pattern by looking at a photo of something I just adore. But a pattern designer I am not. So credit is given where credit is due to those who have the talent, skill, patience and know-how to write patterns for the rest of us.

This page is a landing place for what I consider some of the greatest patterns I've found. And, honestly, it's where I can find them in one place!

This pattern is by DROPS Design. Since I'm in the U.S., the nearest I can figure the yarn weight is a sport or light worsted weight. I made three pairs using a light-weight 4-ply and loved them! 

I have to say, I tend to love nearly every pattern Zooty Owl posts on her blog. So when I came across her pattern she's using for her 2014 mood blanket, I hate to admit I'm using the same one. And I love it! It brings me such joy whipping up these little joyous flowers, even on the bleh days. 

This was my first mandala, and I will say I'm now in love with mandalas. 

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