Saturday, July 5, 2014

Celebrating Independence Day with family and my hook

Although the date stamp says it is July 5, I haven't gone to bed yet so it's still July 4! I hope everyone enjoyed the day and took time to reflect what it means (for those of us in the United States).

It has been a lovely Independence Day, one that I think has some memorable moments. Good food with family - barbecue, fresh fruit and Jell-O dessert - plus quality time crocheting with my mother.

I finished a WIP I started not that long ago. I wanted to test a dishcloth pattern to make sure it was easy for someone who is learning how to crochet. I used Sugar 'n Cream "Jewels" for the pictured dishcloth. The pattern is a simple 1SC ch 1. I love how the pattern and yarn complement each other.

After finishing this project, I picked up my next one. The Crochet Crowd has launched its Stitch-cation Summer Challenge on July 1. Click here to visit the page for the Stitch-cation Summer Challenge. The purpose is to expand our repertoire of crochet knowledge by trying new stitches, different color combinations and then deciding how to join the blocks together. The final decision is what type of border to put the project.

I decided to go with pastels and so far I'm enjoying the first block. I'm using I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby for the project. But I put it aside when I got home from the folks' home to work on......

You guessed it - the v-stitch afghan. I did get all the ends tucked and have been working on the border. And, drum roll please..... the border is DONE!!!

Just those few more ends to tuck and it's finished. Two WIPs (well, almost) done in a day is amazing! It's been a great day. Now I must get to bed!

Happy on the Hook!


  1. The colour of the last project are amazing! I haven't make anything with a v-stitch but it looks so great - I certainly need to look the pattern up soon!
    Take care

    1. Hi Anne! Thank you so much. The v-stitch is a fun stitch, and I really enjoy this pattern. The yarn is Lion Brand Homespun, colors Rococo, Herb Garden and Olive. I will be honest, though, weaving in ends on a v-stitch afghan is rough! It kept this project in the WIP pile for over a year (I should do them as I go, really, I should!). But, alas, this one is done! Thanks for stopping by!
      Gwenhwyfar (Jennifer)