Saturday, September 27, 2014

So busy...

The month is almost gone, and sadly my hook has been silent for most of it. I think this happens every fall; try as I might, hectic reigns in my life this time of year. There was a bright spot among the flurry, though...

My small yarn group took a trip to three yarn shops. We touched, oohed and aahed at all the mixes, textures and colors one could imagine. This is Fiesta Baby Baby Boom in African Violet color. I've never found these colors together before and the transition between colors is nice. It's 100% extra fine super wash merino, something I haven't worked with before.

I've decided to make a set of wrist warmers. It will be interesting to see how the yarn variegates, whether it pools or does an actual variegation. I'm anxious to get started on the pattern but I'm debating if I want to start another WIP! So, the debate continues... and until the decision is made I will continue to lovingly admire this gorgeous yarn!

Happy on the Hook!

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