Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pattern trials: Coasters!

I have an antique table that if moisture even gets anywhere near it, water marks appear. So coasters are a part of my everyday routine. I grew up using coasters; I was taught they saved the furniture from a beverage's condensation, those little drips that slip down the side of the glass and even from minor spills. In fact, I've been using the coasters I used as a child on my antique table - the same ones I tooled on leather. Ahh, the memories!

I sit at the same table and crochet often. During one of those recent sessions, I began to think it would be quite lovely to crochet some coasters. So I started my search for coasters. I headed to Ravelry and used its search function, and found quite a few.

The above coasters are a combination of two patterns. The center is from here and the petals are from here. The difference in size is yarn. The center on the left is I Love This Cotton from Hobby Lobby and the right is Sugar 'n Cream by Lilly. The petals on both are with I Love This Cotton. I will likely make more with Sugar 'n Cream just to get the size I want.

This coaster is really quite pretty and is a larger size, which I really like. It's by Wink and the tutorial is available here. I used Sugar 'n Cream yarn for the entire coaster (sage green) and I Love This Cotton for the accent (pistache).

This is based on a pattern by Charmed by Ewe. I added a few rows, and then the final row wouldn't work so I did my own. I still want to make the original pattern, maybe with Sugar 'n Cream so the final coaster will be large enough. I like my coasters to be a bit bigger so they will work for mugs and glasses of almost any size.

The other colors I used in these coasters are Sugar 'n Cream Aloe Vera, I Love This Cotton Camo Print and I Love This Cotton Too Pink.

I'm not done testing coaster patterns. I'm having fun looking for the 'perfect' pattern - the right size that's tight enough so moisture won't damage my table and one that has just enough pretty to fit my tastes. Don't know if I'll find the one, but the hunt is fun!

Happy on the Hook!

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