Tutorials I Use

I must admit, I need all the help I can get. And the Internet is such a great resource! People who are willing to share their skills with a crochet hook have helped me numerous times, sometimes with the simplest questions.

This page is a landing place for what I consider some of the greatest tutorials I've found. I use these techniques nearly every time I pick up a hook. I happily share them with you, taking no credit for the work and skill in any of them.

This link is for a mandala, but the part I really use the most is how to secure the end of the yarn at the end of the round. The tutorial shows how to make a faux stitch, and in the process the only way you can see where the beginning/end of the round is the chain three. Awesome!


If you're doing a lot of mandalas, knowing how to do the standing double crochet is a must. And Moogly comes to the rescue with a great tutorial!


This link is for the perfect circle, no wonky edges, less obvious seam.


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