Monday, July 28, 2014

More Mandalas!

Although it's been a little bit longer than normal for a post from my little corner of the world, it's not for a lack of crochet action! I've made steady progress on my temperature afghan, and I've finished the remaining mandala as a gift for a very special woman. The one above is using Zooty Owl's Dahlia Mandala.

The first seven rows are by the pattern, except the fifth row (light pink). I made the same modification on the fifth and sixth row as I did before. The next row is from the pattern, and the next row is 1dc in the top of each dc in the previous row, not making any stitch in the ch1 space. The next round is 5ch and a sc that lines up with the ch1 space two rows before. The final round is a hdc, 6dc, hdc into each 5ch space.

I actually caught myself yesterday wanting a travel crochet project that I didn't have to read the pattern after every row. I had a road trip and wanted something to keep my hands busy, but didn't want to concentrate on a pattern. As if I need another project in the works! But it's still in my mind, so I may have to relinquish and search for a nice and easy pattern for those road trips.

What really started the thought process was one of the gals at our crochet group is making a beautiful baby blanket using Caron Light in white. Very delicate with a gorgeous pattern. So, of course, my mind started wandering into the realms of lacy afghan patterns that I could start.

This will be a debate, I believe, of whether or not I shall start another afghan. And if I cave, what kind of afghan will it be... until my next foray!

Happy on the Hook!


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    1. Thank you, Gaia! Mandalas are so addicting to make. Quick, and so gratifying! :)