Friday, August 22, 2014

Stash Bustin'

The time has come to use up yarn. While it's nice to have yarn on hand for that quick, I-want-to-start-a-project-now moment, I have more than enough for those times. I decided to tackle the Lion Brand Homespun stash first. I have leftovers from various afghans, plus skeins I've bought for projects I'm just not sure I'll tackle. And then there are the skeins I purchased on sale (bonus!!).
I started with a sc, ch1 afghan (taken from a dishcloth pattern), but the unique pattern that was so visible in the dishcloth disappeared in the afghan due to the yarn. My mother had purchased some Homespun Thick and Quick and whipped up a simple afghan of one row of single crochet, one row of double crochet. I liked the looks of it and frogged out what I had started.
It works up fast and is oh so soft like Homespun is meant to be. I'm carrying the yarn on the side for all the colors, eliminating the need to tuck all those slippery ends! The length is set - I believe I crocheted 120 chains and I'm using a size N hook. The yarn is Homespun Baroque, Windsor and Colonial.

It's a great stash-buster, and an easy pattern. Right now my life is hectic at work planning a fundraiser and a parade, so I need a pattern I don't have to think. And I need to crochet just to unwind. I will be looking for other easy patterns that are stash-busters as well, because work will get only busier now as fall arrives.

Happy on the Hook!

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