Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall is in the air...

Fall is my favorite time of year. Everything in nature is preparing for the coming winter, yet everything seems to be taking its time to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. We should all take  a hint from nature I think, and as I write this I reflect on the last couple of weeks and how hectic work has been and I wonder if I need to heed my own advice. Pushing on and getting the work done is important, but taking time for yourself is also necessary.

I happened to step out my front door and spotted the bees busily working this afternoon and it reminded me of my life. They have their tasks and go about it steadily and surely, not wavering or stressing about whether it will get done. They have a plan and work constantly toward that goal, knowing their plan will work. Interesting how much we could learn from the busy bees, isn't it?

I tend to procrastinate, and it is my biggest nemesis. Must work on that.

I have had some time to crochet, not as much as I'd like though. I have completed the four coasters I'm donating to a local auction. When I was testing coaster patterns and finally found the pattern I liked, I decided to make some as a donation to a local auction. It gave me something to do and the pattern was easy to work on.

After a brief 'Woo hoo' for completing a WIP, I started a corner to corner afghan for the Blankets for Barracks Soldiers project. It's a stash-buster, and my general plan is two rows of solid color and four rows of variegated - unless I'm close to using up the yarn and then I go until the yarn is gone! To join the yarn, I'm using the Magic Knot method. This is the first time I've used this joining method, and I'm loving it! No weaving in ends!

I must continue on my Saturday chores. Many to do, and this week I have only today to do the household work. And to squeeze in some time with the crochet hook! Until next time...

Happy on the Hook!

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