Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fair time!

I know it's been awhile since my last post, but life around hometown USA is a bit busy right now. Most everyone is in the middle of our annual community fair and local rodeo, plus getting ready for school to start the day after Labor Day. For me, the fair means a lot of work relating to work - where I work has two activities/events happening during the four-day fair that are organized through my office. Not much time to crochet, but I have found a bit of time to relax with my hook!

I've found the pattern for my coasters. It's the ombre coasters from Wink. Really quite easy and quite stunning! I'm enjoying the different color combinations, so much so I will likely hook up a set for an auction donation. In this particular case, I prefer Lilly's Sugar 'n Cream yarn for its stiffness. After all, coasters are supposed to be somewhat stiff!

Earlier I mentioned the local community fair. I actually entered a few of my crocheted items and received blue ribbons. I entered the purple African Flower Hexagon Mandala, Little Spring Mandala and wrist warmers.

Very pleased with the wrist warmers, using a Drops Design pattern in Hobby Lobby brand I Love This Cotton yarn. I received a Best of Class for the finished product. I haven't looked to see if the judge wrote any comments.

Remember, this is how we share our love of crochet and the art of fiber is by showing it off. Be proud of your work and the time you spend following the patterns, the money spent on the yarn and the care spent in each project.

I even do crocheting while sitting in a booth at the fair, and it does draw attention to it. People stop and watch me, ask questions about what I'm doing, the yarn I'm using, etc. It's the best way to show that what we do!

Happy on the Hook!

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