Monday, November 10, 2014

A bit of a break

I've been taking a bit of a break from crocheting, for numerous reasons. First and foremost is to give my thumb some much needed respite. I've noticed some tenderness at the base of my thumb of my hook hand, and rather than cause what could be permanent damage I decided to take a break from the massive amounts of crocheting I've been doing. I still get together every week and crochet with the group, but that's about it for the time being.

In addition, work has kept me hopping. This weekend was the annual benefit auction, which I am in charge of organizing the entire event. A bit of stress, and a lot of time I would normally be crocheting. Now I can relax a bit and ease back into the routine of crocheting, once I catch up on some much needed sleep!

These two lovely friends pictured here are now part of my collection. My parents went on a long vacation and brought them back for my frog collection. I thought they fit my pensive mood lately... or related how my eyes looked with toothpicks holding them open!

Until I return to the lovely world of yarn...

Happy on the Hook!

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