Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Slow but sure...

It's been a while since I've posted, and as I mentioned in my last post I had some pain at the base of my thumb. Well, around Halloween I tried to shut the tailgate of my car on my hand and boy did I have a bruise from it. That bruise hung around for over three weeks. I finally went to see the doctor (after I put two and two together - not being able to pick up bowls, glasses, etc.) and had it X-rayed. It's not broken, but it will take a bit to heal.

So I am just now able to get in a bit of crocheting, but not for very long at a time. And it's not easy with my 'friend' on my wrist. There is improvement though - I find myself going without the brace a bit more now and doing okay, but only when I know I won't be lifting or using my right hand much.

This injury has hampered my Christmas plans a bit as well. My intentions were to make snowflakes and ornaments for friends this year. So much for that!

My afghan for the Blankets for Barracks Soldiers project is on hold until I can lift the afghan without hurting my wrist. I'm on the last row before I start decreasing on both sides, so I'm excited to get back to it. The colors are really coming together nicely. And the yarn scrap pile is being used up as well!

Since I can't handle my main project right now, I started a smaller project. It's a shell blanket using Red Heart Soft yarn. Beautiful yarn to work with - soft, works well on the hook.... but it's a bear finding the end in the skein and getting it out of the skein! I end up pulling nearly half the skein out of the middle just to find the end. There has to be a better way, I just haven't found it yet. The 'Soft' yarn isn't like Red Heart's Super Saver yarn where the end is sticking out, easy to find. Nooooooo. It's hiding inside, buried where you can't find it. Very frustrating. Not sure I'll use the yarn after this project, unless I discover the secret to finding the end without pulling half the skein out of the middle!

Now that crocheting is gradually coming back I should be posting more.

I hope your Christmas projects are on task and you have some time for you!

Happy on the Hook!

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