Monday, August 3, 2015

Hooks and etiquette

I was trolling the social media world today and came across another blog post about knitting in public. The post questioned whether it was considered rude to knit in public or "perfectly reasonable to do so." After reading the entire post, I tend to agree with the final 'rule of thumb.' Generally speaking, if you're in a public space and your knitting (or crocheting or other activity) may imply lack of interest or attention, put the hook down. It's only common courtesy and we would expect it as well.

This post did make me stop and think, though, how my crocheting in public may appear to others. Would anyone think I am being anti-social, or as this post implies - rude? I have never had an experience like that. In fact, most of the time when I'm crocheting in a doctor's office or other similar place waiting for something I have comments from fellow yarn lovers and even from those who ask what I'm doing. I find it's a great conversation starter, plus it passes the time and keeps me less stressed while waiting for whatever the reason may be.

My crochet doesn't always go with me, but if I think there is a possibility of getting some hooky time... a WIP is most definitely with me. Not only does crocheting or knitting pass the time, it's been proven to reduce blood pressure, relieve stress, calm nerves, etc. 

I would have to agree, however, that I would not crochet during a presentation, poetry reading, meeting, etc. where my attention should be fully on the task at hand (no matter how uninteresting the topic may be!).

So, the Golden Rule applies here as well. Do unto others as you would have done to you. If you wouldn't want someone knitting or crocheting or whatever during/where you are at, then it probably isn't appropriate to be doing it yourself!

Happy on the Hook!

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