Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tackling the WIPs.... again

I'm loving how the colors are going together for the CAL hosted by Zooty Owl, but it's taking longer than expected. I have all the blocks sewn into strips, and I just finished the first center panel. Now...... none are the same length! So this project is going on hold for a bit until I'm ready to deal with varying lengths.

As I was straightening up the house, I found the project totes and found a WIP to pick up instead. It's a Corner to Corner using Baby Bee Sweet Delight on a G hook.

And I'll always know it's on a G hook because the project is marked. Look in the top corner...

This is a new idea within my crochet group. Using alphabet beads and a safety pin, every project is now marked with the hook size - eliminating the guess work when a project is set aside for any length of time. The trick now is to figure out the hook size on some of those projects already set aside!!

What trick have you come up with to keep track of hook sizes, and even yarn color/brand for your WIPs? Digital or paper? I'm trying to organize the existing WIPs as well as have a way to identify important details on new projects. We all have this problem, so I'm curious what works for others!

Tonight's crochet group, so it's time to cook and clean a bit. Until later..

Happy on the Hook!

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