Sunday, July 13, 2014

Crochet Health Survey

Those of us who crochet have likely experienced a health benefit from doing so, whether it's relaxation, mental stimulation, keeping your hands busy, keeping your hands limber or a combination of things. Whatever the reason, we know crochet is good for us!

The following is a link to a 27-question survey designed to gather detailed - yet anonymous - information detailed information about the physical and mental health issues that are helped through crochet work and to what degree the craft is helpful.

According to a press release at Crochet Concupiscence, the blog by survey creator Kathryn Vercillo, "Kathryn Vercillo is the author of Crochet Saved My Life, a book about the craft’s health benefits. In the book she shares her own story of crocheting to heal from chronic depression. She also interviews two dozen other women who share their stories of hooking to heal. In addition, she aggregates the available research into crafting to heal.

"Several formal studies have been conducted that show crochet to be healing. The new study is designed to add to the available information on this topic. One unique thing about it is that the study focuses specifically on crochet as opposed to lumping it in with other crafts. Another unique feature is that it goes beyond asking the question “does crochet help?” (because we know that it does) and explores how it helps, to what extent and for what symptoms.
"Kathryn Vercillo will do an in-depth analysis of the results of this study. She will use that information to publish a full report on the health benefits of crafting. She will also use the information in future publications and it will serve as the foundation for continued research into this important topic."

Here is the survey link: 

Crochet is my escape, my relaxation, my stress relief. It's how I survived my divorce, health issues last year with close relatives (both at the same time) and how I unwind. I also find that learning new stitches and new patterns brings an immense sense of joy and accomplishment, and mastery of these new talents leaves me craving for more.

Crochet is no longer a passing fad or just a hobby for me. It is my lifeline, a part of my soul. It is also my connection to my grandmothers, as I've blogged about here and here.

Take the survey. It's mostly multiple choice. It's easy and takes a short bit of your time - time well spent in the larger scheme of things!

Happy on the Hook!

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