Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Technology hasn't been my friend...

I find myself way behind in posting here, but not from a lack of trying. Internet has been lacking at my house, and recently absent entirely. I've resorted to using my phone as a hot spot, and I'm not sure when things will improve.

As the weather has started to improve outside, my mood and energy levels are improving as well. I've begun the spring cleaning - inside and out! It feels good to clean out the flowerbeds and rake up the debris from the winter, and I suppose even sore muscles are a positive sign of spring!

I've accomplished several little projects around the house, and oh does that feel good. To get those little nagging projects that I've put off for so long done is just so rewarding! The squeaky door doesn't squeak anymore, and the desk organizer is put together. Light bulbs are changed, shower curtain changed, carpet cleaning in process.

First of all, I apologize for the photos. Weather has not cooperated and sunshine is lacking. The couple of days we did have sunshine, I was outside in the yard and didn't even get close to the crochet hook or think of taking photos... so the color is a bit off. The redo of the mood blanket is progressing, albeit not as fast as I would want. The joining method I chose is taking a bit longer than I had hoped, and the squares are not all the same size. I'm using the flat braid join, but I do like how they are going together. It will be beautiful when it's done, and will be a relief when it's done as well!

I needed a break from working on WIPs so I picked up a quick little project - the Little Spring Mandala from Made in K-Town by Barbara Smith. I love this pattern - it's ease in working up, the subtle changes in pattern and how quickly I can finish it!

The next project my crochet group decided to work on is for a neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU). Each of us will crochet items the unit has listed on its wish list - blankets, hats, booties, gowns as well as gather other items for families who end up spending time there such as journals, stuffed animals, tissue packs, disposable cameras, puzzles ISudokku, crosswords) baby/children's books), hand/foot molds), candles/lighters), etc.

We've crocheted three or four small blankets to date, plus started on some booties. The list also has dimensions for plain white memory boxes for families to decorate.

I've enjoyed working on the blanket. The size is small and easy to carry. And the reason touches my heart.

For more information, visit the website here

Until next time, and hopefully better Internet service!

Happy on the Hook!

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