Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stress, sadness, moving on

More than a month has passed, and even longer than that I struggled with little or no Internet. It is so nice to sit at my computer and have access to the World Wide Web. No longer struggling to surf on my phone, or do all my personal business at work. One less stress in my life.

Not to say, there has been stress in my life. The 'pile' got higher the end of April. Things are settling out now... four events I was involved with the planning are over, a surgery was successful and other things are starting to look up. But it's hectic still. Sigh.

Among everything, I still was able to do some hooking.... not much, but some. I haven't kept up on Zooty Owl's CAL, but I'm okay with that. I am loving the colors I picked and enjoying her patterns.

The news came yesterday that we lost a truly talented blogger, Wink, to a very real disease - depression. We are all so saddened and our hearts are heavy with the loss. Such a talented and beautiful young woman who struggled with a dreadful, dark disease that so few understand. We will all miss her beautiful work and fun style. Prayers to the family.

This news has affected me deeply. I read Marinke's (Wink) blog for several years, and felt such sadness in her blog this last year. I will be taking part in a project to raise awareness about depression - #MandalasForMarinke. Crochet Concupiscence is launching the project and details are on the site. The project is a collaboration of contributors all over the world to create a mandala in honor of Wink, to celebrate her life and creativity as well as raise awareness about depression.

All my best,

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